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Data Science Training Institute in Hyderabad

Top Rated Data Science Training Program in Hyderabad


Data Science Authority presents India’s first Experiential Training program in the field of Data science. It is created and executed by highly qualified Mentor Team with more than 10 years of working experience in Machine LearningData Science and Artificial Intelligence. Participants will get a chance to learn Data Science through Games, Activities, Case-Studies, Mini-Projects etc. Program enables aspirants to get Industry-Ready and transition in to data science related roles in short period of time.

Data Science | Machine learning | Artificial Intelligence | Big Data 

3 Months Data Science Certification Program

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Data Science Training Program - Features

Team Meeting

Only Data Science Training Institute in Hyderabad that uses activities like games, role-plays, discussions etc for simplifying data science concepts. Experience Data Science through 10 unique Business Cases (Experiences)

Experiential Learning

Job Interview

We support our students transition into Data Science Industry by helping them  with Profile Moderation, Job Referrals and Mock interviews

Placement Support

Man Hands On Keyboard

Comprehensive Hands-On Knowledge and exercises using cutting edge Tools like R, Python, Tableau, Tensorflow, Hadoop, Spark, Advanced Excel Solver

Learn In-demand Tools


Mentor Team

Our In-House Mentor Team are alumnus of ISB, IIM and other premier B-Schools with more than 10 years of industry experience in Data Science

Discussing the Numbers

Teaching Assistance

Our In-House Data Science Team will assist you in practicing the models and clarifying doubts through out the week either over phone or at our facility

Digital Work


Top performers from our Data Science Training Programs will get a chance to intern with us to work on in-house data science products and consulting assignments


Unique Data Science Training Methodology

At Data Science Authority, We treat Data Science as a three lens field:

  • Lens-1: Mathematics/Statistics

  • Lens-2: Tools and Technology

  • Lens-3: Domain/Business 


Hence we follow a 3-step approach for every module to train the participants through all three lenses. This will help our audience not only understand the concepts but implement them immediately by solving various business case-studies.  This unique experiential training methodology makes our program the most effective data science and artificial intelligence training program in Hyderabad.

Step-1: Conceptual Training

Instructors build Mathematical and Business Intuition for the participants through theoretical/conceptual sessions

Step-2: Hands-on Sessions

Work with cutting edge Data Science Tools and Technologies in a classroom setup led by your instructor! Participants will also get the chance to do hands-on with the help of our in-house data science team.

Step-3: Business Experiences

Participants will get the chance to solve real world Business Problems based on the concepts learned in Step 1 and step 2 for every module. These experiences are business case-studies from various domains.


Tools Catalog


Data Science Training Program - Course Catalog


Data Science Authority follows a learning map approach to teach various concepts in data science. 

Exploratory Data Analysis| Statistical Modeling | Big Data Analytics | Text Analytics |Artificial Intelligence


Introduction to

Data Science

  • History and Evolution of Data Science

  • A typical day in a Data Scientist’s life

  • Trends in Data Science

  • Data science learning curve

  • Applications of Data science

Advanced Visualizations

  • Basics of Visualization

  • Rules of Visual Perception

  • Tufte’s rules Visualizing

  • Multiple dimensions

  • Introduction to Tableau

  • Art of Story Telling

Regression Analysis

  • Correlation Analysis

  • Simple linear Regression

  • Logistic Regression

  • Dummy Coding

  • Interaction Variables

  • Diagnostic techniques

Big Data

  • Structured Vs. Unstructured data

  • 4 Vs of Big Data

  • Applications of Big Data

  • Introduction to Map-Reduce

  • Hadoop Ecosystem (Pig, Hive, Flume, Zookeeper etc.) Introduction to Spark and Scala

Text Analytics

  • Introduction to Text Analytics

  • Twitter connection

  • Web scraping –Amazon.com

  • Introduction to NLTK

  • Creation of word cloud

  • Lexicon Based Analysis

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Topic Mining

  • Entity Extraction

Machine Learning-IV

  • R-Spark ML

  • Introduction to Recurrent Neural Networks

  • Introduction to Reinforcement Learning



  • Understanding of Business Imperatives

  • Business and Process Outcomes

  • DSA’s Pinch to zoom framework

  • DSA’s Lenz framework

  • Freeze Cream Game

Business Statistics-I

  • Introduction to Probability

  • Descriptive Statistics

  • Probability Distributions

  • Normal Distribution

  • Central Limit Theorem

Forecasting Techniques

  • Qualitative Forecasting

  • Introduction to Time Series Forecasting

  • Naïve forecasting

  • Moving Averages forecasting

  • Exponential Smoothing

  • AR, MA, ARIMA models

  • Dealing with Seasonality

Introduction to Python

  • Say Hello to Python

  • Meet Pycharm

  • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming(OOPS)

  • Numpy

  • Pandas

  • Matplotlib

  • Scikitlearn

Machine Learning-II

  • Introduction to Unsupervised Learning 

  • K-Nearest Neighbors Model 

  • Hierarchical Clustering

  • Principal Component Analysis

Artificial Intelligence

  • Introduction to Deep Learning

  • Applications of Deep Learning

  • Deep Learning-CNN

  • Working with Keras and Tensorflow

  • Training Deep Learning models on GPUs



  • Data Collection

  • Data Classification

  • Plotting Data

  • Data Cleansing

  • Factor Analysis

  • Data Imputation

  • Data Partitioning

  • Data Transformation

  • Laws of Dimensionality

Business Statistics-II

  • Population and Sample estimation

  • Hypothesis Testing

  • Types of error- Type-I/Type-II

  • One tail Test

  • Two Tail Test

  • Anova

Machine Learning-I

  • What is Machine learning?

  • Decision Tree working model

  • Pruning Techniques

  • Introduction to Conditional Probability

  • Bayesian Analysis

  • Multinomial Logistic Regression

  • Random Forest techniques

  • Association Rule Mining - Apriori Algorithm

  • Model Validation Techniques

  • Model Scoring

  • Best fit Models

Optimization Techniques

  • Applications of Optimization Techniques

  • Linear Programming using solver

  • Concept of Duality Shadow prices and decisions

  • Introduction to Integer Programming

Machine Learning-III

  • Introduction to Supervised learning  

  • What is a Perceptron

  • Multilayered Perceptron

  • Artificial Neural Networks

  • Gradient Descent Algorithm

  • Designing ANN

Secrets of Data Science

  • Data Science Extended Learning Map

  • Best Practices

  • Data Privacy

  • Job Description analysis for various Data Science profiles

  • What Next - One-one session with Mentor


Srinivas Malyala 

Systems Engineer, TCS

A lot of stuff on Data Science is available online, but it is confusing for me. But here, I got a right direction, and I came to know where I stand and where to go in my career. From theory to experiences, from syllabus to job application, everything I was looking for, in my career as a Data Scientist was delivered here

Amit Sharma 

SVP Big Data and Analytics- DBS

"DSA's training provided an end to end perspective on operationalizing data science solutions. There is a take away for professionals at every level ranging from senior business leaders to budding data science enthusiasts. What I liked the most was that the course is designed uniquely to explore things from all three lenses - business, technology and Mathematics/statistics which help lays strong foundations of data science thinking. I would recommend their training to anyone who wishes to shift gears in their data science career track and wish DSA all the very best in their future endeavors!"

Preetam Nalbalwar 

Senior Manager, IBM

This course is for someone who is prepared to be a Data Scientist. Excellent training institute and an excellent trainer. Just remember that there should be commitment of time and mental preparation from you before you join. DSA does their part very well


Our Student's Thoughts!

Top Rated Data Science Training Program in Hyderabad


Data Science Authority has created India’s first Experiential learning program in the field of Data science. It follows a 3-step (Mathematics, Technology, Business) approach to teach data science concepts effectively


Data Science Authority's In-House product development team focuses on data driven innovation to develop futuristic products/applications enabled by  A.I and Big Data


Data Science Authority consults with start-ups/ companies in helping them build data science Eco-system and use cases around the data. Engagements range from Strategy to implementation.

About Us


Data Science Authority is a company engaged in Training, Product Development and Consulting in the field of Data science and Artificial Intelligence. It is built and run by highly qualified professionals with more than 10 years of working experience in Data Science. DSA’s vision is to inculcate data thinking in to individuals irrespective of domain, sector or profession and drive innovation using Artificial Intelligence.

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